How often to clean my hot tub filter?

How often you clean you filter will largely depend on how often you use your tub. If 1 to 2 people you use your hot tub every day, then you should really clean your filter every 2 to 3 weeks. I would also check the filter every week, and if necassary remove any large debris. This can be done with a hose or under a tap with the help of a filter brush.

If you don’t use your hot tub as frequently, you can clean your filter every month.

Deep cleaning my filter

For a deeper clean including degrease you will want to use a filter cleaning spray such as Pro-Kleen instant filter cleaner. Make sure you spray it all over the filter reaching into every pleat. Leave this to soak in for around 20 to 30 minutes. Then rinse with clean water from the tap, using your brush to clean in-between the pleats. Be sure to rinse thoroughly, no cleaning product should be left on as this causes foaming when you replace the filter into the tub. If you have time leave the filter to dry before replacing.

There is another option you may want to consider, and that is a filter soak solution such as the Fi-clor spa filter cartridge cleaner.

This product should be added to a bucket of water, around 0.5 litre of Fi-clor to every 10 litres of water. You will then leave to soak ideally overnight. Whilst this is soaking you will want to change in a clean new filter to your hot tub.

It is good practice to have at least two filters you can change in and out. This means that whilst one filter is left in soak, the other can be in operation.

If you are replacing the spa water you can always soak your filter at the same time. This way you won’t need the spare.


What are the benefits of cleaning my filter regularly ?

There are actually more benefits to cleaning your filters regularly than the obvious ones. Obviously you will achieve cleaner water, less residue, and no bio film. This means your water shouldn’t get the horrible frothy bubbles you may see from time to time. It will also mean there will be less build up in your pipes.

Aside from these benefits, your hot tub will also see the added advantages of more powerful jets, better water flow, and less strain on the pumps. Your filter plays a key part in the water circulation process, if it isn’t regularly cleaned you risk to have a lower functioning hot tub.